Beginning February 2018, I will begin a series of on-location portrait sessions in various public venues around the Tampa Bay area! I will have camera and gear waiting to take your picture! The best part is that these pictures will be taken for free and everyone who wants one will be able to download a free, high-resolution digital copy of their photo (I will hand out my card with email address and website to all who want their picture taken, they contact me via email, I will send them the link to the P3 project gallery, and they can download their own picture for free). One image per customer, please (all images edited at PhotoActive Photography's discretion). 

Full details available at the P3 location (since these are public venues and the P3 galleries are also open to the public, a release is required). 

My first location will be announced soon (and will generally be a park, beach, or other public place or event where lots of people gather) so come on out and enjoy the fun and get your picture taken!