Our modeling portfolio is below. Read on to learn more about our modeling services.

PhotoActive Modeling Services

PhotoActive provides professional modeling photography for models, modeling agencies, entertainment entities, talent agencies, and modeling enthusiasts (available in-studio or on-location options) in fashion, editorial, beauty, and glamour genres. We offer in-studio (convenient studio locations in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties) and on-location options (any other location within Hillsborough, Pinellas, or Pasco counties). We also have a mobile studio we can bring to your location! With various background choices and professional lighting, we can make it like being in-studio without the drive!

All of our modeling packages provide copyright released, full-sized, high-resolution images (without logo or watermark).  We have make-up artists and stylists that we recommend and have used many times over the years so you can rest assured that your look will be fabulous!

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Child & Teen Modeling

If you've got a rising superstar that loves the camera, let PhotoActive Photography help you launch them into a lucrative acting, modeling, and entertainment career!  Click here to go to our Child & Teen Modeling Page!

I've worked with infants as young as age 1 and child models as young as 4 years of age. My wife and I have children and I have no problem working with children and their parents, chaperones, etc. I will pass any required background check without a problem as I've never committed or been charged with a misdemeanor or felony.

Modeling Agencies

PhotoActive is actively seeking new modeling agency partnerships in 2021-2022.  To help foster that spirit of cooperation, we offer all modeling agencies a special introductory rate of $100 USD, which is 66% off normal pricing (not including make-up or stylist), for your first model shot by PhotoActive Photography with no further obligation. This offer ends December 31, 2021.  Contact us and let's talk!

Pro Tips

Here are a few tips for your photosession:

• Do not try anything new with your hair (style or coloring) for your photosession (you do not want to risk a hairstyle disaster);

• Do get 8 hours of sleep the night before your photosession (to reduce bagginess under the eyes);

• Wear heavier makeup than normal (this looks better in your images);

• Bring your makeup compact, comb, and brush to your photosession (for periodic touching up);

• To avoid unnecessary wrinkles, if possible, try not to drive with your first look on;

• Avoid salty foods for at least 48 hours before your photosession (this mitigates water retention);

• Bring bottled water to keep hydrated (especially for outdoor photosessions);

• If you are using one of our make-up artists, DO wear (and bring with you) your normal foundation (unless we tell you otherwise);

• In all cases, an escort is suggested (mandatory parental chaperon if the subject is a minor/under 18 years of age);

• Do wear normal or natural length French manicure (w/ white tips), manicured "naked" nails, or some other solid nail color that coordinates with your attire.

Modeling packages starting from $300 USD (makeup artists and stylists are available options). In-studio and on-location photoshoots are available options. Contact us for pricing details and scheduling.